A Personal Message from our Chairman and President, Jan Orndorff

Please see the attached personal letter from our Chairman and President, Jan Orndorff, dated March 28, 2016.

Letter From Jan Orndorff – March 28


UPDATE from John Orndorff – July 4, 2016:

I am sorry to have to send this message, especially on this day of celebration, but Jan’s condition has taken another sharp decline since she was released from the hospice facility this second time. They believe she had a mini stroke but it did not cause paralysis anywhere. It has affected her muscle coordination in standing or walking (after some effort she can stand & walk). But in the last two days she has also stopped eating, her breathing is a little more difficult, she has trouble swallowing & can no longer take her usual pills, has lost weight & is very weak. The hospice nurse/Dr believe that it’s not the ‘chronic lung rejection’ process happening, but is the kidney failure process. They also say that the signs of end of life have rapidly started in the last 2 days and that it will end within 2-3 days. Jan’s respiratory signs are still good for now, but other organs are affected & are declining.

I can say that Jan is NOT in a lot of pain or discomfort, or anxiety. Jan is getting her meds in liquid form given by syringe/dropper in the mouth. So she has no discomfort in getting her meds. She is sedated & sleeps most of the time, but can talk-except she is too weak to talk very long.

I will try to keep you updated; I am asking Denise to please pass this information on via the mailing list; also maybe some kind of notice on the website. This is so unreal-I’m trying to get my head around it & am just doing busywork. Our Son Ron is really helping so I’m not going it alone.

John Orndorff


UPDATE July 7, 2016:

Obituary for Jan K. Orndorff


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