In Memoriam

Unfortunately, Pulmonary Fibrosis claims as many as 40,000 lives in the U.S. each year (same number as breast cancer). If you have lost someone you love to Pulmonary Fibrosis and would like to light a candle on our page in their honor, please click the link below to submit your request. Your remembrance will be added to the page shortly, usually within 24 hours.

In Memoriam Request

candle-sm June 2017 Gil “Poppy” Gilliam Gil fought this disease with dignity & grace. He was grateful for every breath & used each day to serve others & live life to the fullest. His bravery, love of life & family and zest for making the most of every moment inspires our family to see each day as an adventure that we can continue to take him with us on in our hearts. His faith in the Lord, compassion, integrity & love of family were immeasurable. Love you Daddy & miss you every minute of every day.
candle-sm July 2016 Jan Orndorff Jan touched everyone she met & forever changed our family by her love & dedication. There was no one like her & she is so missed. Her strength, bravery, compassion & kindness continues to inspires me to be a better person & is a role model for our family. Love you Jan & John.
candle-sm July 2016 Jan Orndorff It is August 2017 and Jan has been gone from our lives for a year now, but her spirit of caring for PF Patients and her family & friends is still present and continues on through her Support Group and this charity, the PF Association. PF patients continue to receive emotional & informational support, and those in need still receive the equipment and oxygen supplies they need to battle this disease. This is what she wanted; but you are missed Jan.
candle-sm July 2017 Hank Scanlan Hank fought this disease for 12-14 years, handled a transplant with several complications, including cancer-all with courage & dignity. He also helped other PF patients through the support group and personally. He loved his family & friends. Hank-you will be remembered by many.
candle-sm June 2017 Gil Gilliam Gil will be remembered by many in the Support Group that he helped, and those that became his friends, and by nurses and doctors in the medical center where he received his lung transplant. It gave him 5 more years to love and enjoy his family and to continue helping PF patients through the Group and his work & participation in the PF Association. Gil was another that was taken too soon, but who will be remembered.
candle-sm February 2017 Katherine M. Roche My mom fought a long, hard and often mysterious illness. Why? Where did it come from? So many questions and no answers. She passed yesterday (February 3) and hopefully she was happy we were with her and she is no longer in pain. RIP….see you on the other side.
candle-sm July 2016 Jan K. Orndorff In memory of her undying efforts against this disease.
candle-sm July 2016 Jan K. Orndorff Jan survived an IPF diagnosis for 14 YEARS which included a single lung transplant lasting 5 years and 5 months. Despite transplant complications and the ultimately life ending effects of her transplant drugs, Jan created & ran a successful PF Support Group plus the national charity on this site to help PF patients. Her courage touched many lives.
candle-sm May 2016 Eddie Watkins In loving memory of my uncle, Eddie Watkins who valiantly fought pulmonary fibrosis for 7 years.
Remembering you always with love,
candle-sm May 2016 Eddie Watkins Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. Please accept our donation in the fight to cure pulmonary fibrosis.
The Andrew & Zelma Glenn family: Evelyn Wagner, Eldon Glenn, Harold Glenn, Sherman Glenn, and Sharon Glenn; also, Etta Glenn, daughter of Henry & Ruby Glenn.
candle-sm May 2016 Eddie Watkins Rhonda, We know you and Eddie fought a long battle with determination and strength. We are deeply saddened to know that Eddie has lost his fight but his legacy will remain with everyone that you both have touched. We wish you strength and peace while you move through the days ahead. Thank you for sharing Eddie’s life with all of us.
Work Family
candle-sm May 2016 Eddie Watkins Eddie Ray Watkins went home to be with our Lord on May 20, 2016 after a long battle fought with strength and dignity against complications of Pulmonary Fibrosis. He encouraged others suffering from this disease to be positive providing hope for the future. He was forgiving and he loved with his whole heart and a big smile. He never once gave up.
candle-sm May 2016 Eddie Watkins Eddie will be missed by his family, COHS friends, Marine comrades, and FAA friends & co-workers. Eddie always faced life with his big smile. He had a positive impact on many people. Rest in peace my dear friend. Semper Fi.
candle-sm May 2016 Eddie Watkins You were taken too soon and will be sorely missed.
candle-sm April 2015 SanJuanita Land,
Rodolfo Munoz
I have lost an Aunt, an Uncle and a Mother to Pulmonary Fibrosis and one Uncle is currently living with this disease.Life without Air, I never knew laughter could be torture
Yet life with a Smile, makes your Heart miss them more
Life without Air, so many stories left to be shared
A life now gone, with that last breath of Air
~Julie Gomez
candle-sm January 2013 Peggy Cabell 3 years ago when my mom was diagnosed with this terrible disease, I had never heard of it. Within a year my mom went from an independent woman to not even being able to stand on her own. Taking care of her I saw how quickly and devastating it is. I pray for a cure for everyone living with this…..I miss my mom so much…
candle-sm Every Month of every year….. There are too many to list on given site I have personally known 45 people who have died from this diagnosis. I know many, many more still fighting the battle and accepting their diagnosis graciously still to this day. Almost all have a great sense of humility, work hard to raise awareness where they are and do all they can to bring a sense of enlightenment and hope for a better tomorrow.
candle-sm March 2011 Gary Schueler Gary served our country in the US Army & survived the war in Viet Nam. More than 40 years later he had to fight another deadly enemy: Pulmonary Fibrosis. He didn’t give up or lose hope-he got a lung transplant, joined the PF Support Group of Houston & inspired others with his wit & strong will to survive. We lost Gary 5 yrs later-We remember. TAPS
candle-sm September 2009 Beverly Hart Beverly was dx in 2003, after a misdiagnosis of COPD. Given 2 years to live, she lived 6 amazing years! She said “If I have 2 years to live, I am going to make it the best 2 years of my life.” She smiled every day & shared her smile with everyone. Her cup was always half full & her cloud always had a silver lining. Breathe freely mom/grandma.
candle-sm December 2000 Bill Buck Not a day passes without remembering my wonderful dad who lost his life to this terrible disease. Since his death I have learned of other family members who have died and some who are currently fighting the battle with IPF. They are my father’s sister Margaret Speer and his brother Garry Buck. I pray that a cure will be found soon!

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